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Emergencies can arrive any time without knowing or having any hint of an emergency. It is better to be prepared for the worst and ready to avoid any erroneous situation. It is better to heal at time rather than repenting any decision or action later on.


Medical transportation vehicles are the modern way to rely upon any emergency. An emergency vehicle is any vehicle which responds immediately to any hazardous crisis or emergency which is life threatening. Emergency vehicles consists of professionally trained drivers and responders who offer ambulatory care and transportation services to patients in emergencies.


Modernized emergency vehicles are a specialized medical vehicle that works over and beyond the normal emergency vehicle which is used to transport people and animals to the hospital. These vehicles and specially prepared and designed to offer specific roles, using cutting edge technologies and innovations that can host therapeutic supplies, work force, and offer Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) to the scene. These vehicles do not only do patient transfers to hospitals, but also transfer medical supplies and equipment safely from a warehouse to any place when needed or required. Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) are trained to provide emergency medical responder care at the advanced first aid level or higher, based on their training for trauma care and basic life support. This includes special events, patient transfer services and emergency response in search & rescue operations and in wilderness and industrial emergencies. 

  • Road Emergency “Rescue” Vehicle:

    Road Emergency Vehicles are the most commonly used emergency vehicle today. These vehicles are loaded with medical equipment to deal with most standard or life threatening emergencies. An Emergency Medical Responder vehicle provides immediate assistance for any onsite hazardous crisis and emergency where the patient does not have regular care available to them or a delay in urgent treatment. These emergency vehicles run on most public and private roadways and are very well identified all around the vehicle as an emergency vehicle.  In the event of going through a red light or stop sign, or for not following normal traffic laws, the emergency sirens must be engaged and the horn sounding constantly.  It is against the law for anyone to run a red light or a stop sign or to break any motor vehicle traffic guidelines. Emergency vehicles may operate, if cleared to do so, through a red light or stop sign once traffic has stopped to allow the emergency vehicle to pass. The Emergency Medical Responder is not an approved Paramedic Responder and does not have the ability or right to operate outside normal traffic guidelines.

  • Air Medical Transportation:

    Air transportation plays an important role in maintaining our critical infrastructure, which is used to transfer patients as well as medical supplies at a longer distance within a shorter time frame which is commonly seen in severe life-threatening circumstances.

    What if an ill patient needs immediate treatment and transfer to large treatment centre?...

  • Marine Medical Transportation:

While observing the increment in injuries caused due to aquatic forces and/or seaway conditions within Canada or involving Canadian’s on international or domestic waterways, Transport Canada along with the Canadian Red Cross developed the Marine Advanced First Aid program. In case of any emergency on board or ship, an immediate medical care and treatment is required to heal wounds and save lives till that boat can dock to transfer that patient to a local hospital or to be airlifted to a hospital or medical centre at a greater distance.

Marine Advanced First Aid attendants are highly trained by the Canadian Red Cross and certified through Transport Canada in providing immediate first responder assistance to any patient in need of medical assistance.

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Publishers Note:
If you are looking for Ontario's #1 Medical Transportation and Delivery Services, Contact Tips Canada Medical - Medical Transportation Division today. For more information on how we can best service your medical courier needs.
Publishers Note:
If you are looking for Ontario's #1 Medical Transportation and Delivery Services, Contact Tips Canada Medical - Medical Transportation Division today. For more information on how we can best service your medical courier needs.
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