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Parachute Canada and Dr. Jack Taunton - Canadian Guidelines on Concussion

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Enough is Enough!!

Preventable injuries kill more Canadian children than any single disease, and more youth than all other causes combined.

Each year in Canada, preventable injuries cause:

  • 16,000 deaths
  • 60,000 disabilities
  • 3.5 million emergency room visits
  • a $27 billion economic burden to the Canadian economy

and worst of all, 1 child dies every 9 hours. 

It's Easier than you think - Parachute is leading the way

Parachute is a charity helping Canadians stop the clock on predictable and preventable injuries.

We want Canadians to live long lives to the fullest

Prevention is about education, knowledge and empowerment. Parachute is leading, inspiring and mobilizing Canadians of all ages.  We are creating a movement and building awareness and understanding of the issue of injury, to keep Canadians safe at home, on the road, at work, and at play.

Our focus is on motor vehicle collisions, sports and recreation, and seniors' falls

  • Teen drivers die in crashes at a higher rate than any other age group in Canada
  • 40% of head injuries in children aged 10 to 19 occur during sports
  • 85% of hospitalizations of Canadian seniors are on account of a fall

We can change the statistics and save lives.


Unlike curing a deadly disease, the solutions are simple. We have the power. We have the knowledge. We have the resources. We have the vision.


Join Parachute and create an injury-free Canada.


Parachute is about prevention


Parachute’s injury prevention solutions, knowledge mobilization, public policy, and social awareness efforts are designed to help keep Canadians safe. Parachute’s vision is an injury-free Canada with Canadians living long lives to the fullest.       


Together we can Stop the Clock on preventable injuries  


Please watch and share our 1-minute Stop the Clock video and download these resources to help spread the word about Parachute and our vision to create an injury-free Canada.

For more information about Parachute Canada, please visit


Dr. Jack Taunton, is the Medical Director and Reviewer of the Canadian Guidelines on Concussion for Parachute Canada and Chief Medical Officer of TIPS Canada and Chairman of the Board for GEMS-ERT: Global Emergency Medical Services - Emergency Response Team.


This is an Approved TIPS Canada Medical blog

Tips Canada and Tips Canada Medical are first aid training provider throughout Canada, caregiver to pre-hospital first aid programs now being offered, International Trauma Life Support, Workplace Safety, Health and Safety, Disaster and Infrastructure SAR Paid and Volunteer Services.

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