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Treating Canker Sores With Lasers, by Dr. Vineet Bhandari

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Treating Canker Sores With Lasers, by Dr. Vineet Bhandari
Treating Canker Sores With Lasers, by Dr. Vineet Bhandari
Canker sores or Aphthous Ulcers are painful ulcers found inside the mouth. They are generally small in size, but can coalesce to form larger ones. Aphthous  ulcers are generally found on the tongue, inside of the lips, cheeks and throat. Canker sores appear as a yellowish lesion with a raised red border.
Canker sores are not cold sores (Herpetic Lesions). They are the most common lesion found in the mouth affecting approximately 23% of the general population. These sores are not contagious as opposed to Cold Sores which are. Herpetic Lesions are caused by a virus and are found mostly within the oral lesion affecting the outer lip surface, corner of the mouth, chin and around the nostrils. Generally the Canker sores are 1-11 mm in size and last anywhere from 7-12 days and heal without causing any tissue damage.
The many causes of Canker sores include acidic or spicy food, diabetes, immune deficiencies, stress, allergic reaction to one's own tissue that is usually accompanied when a person has a cold, overcoming a cold or is going to get a cold. Individuals with an autoimmune disorder, diets low in Vitamin B12, folic acid or using toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) are more susceptible. 
Most sores do not require treatment and heal on their own, but during the healing process, it can be very painful.
The symptoms include:
1) A burning / tingling or prickling sensation just before they develop.
2) Slight or severe pain
3) Difficulty swallowing
4) Swollen lymph nodes
You may even develop thrush, fever and some weight loss.
The treatment for Canker sores is mostly symptomatic purposes. To aid in the healing process these steps may be taken:
1) Tropical medications i.e. Tantum Oral Rinses.
2) Avoid acidic / spicy or citrus fruits
3) Take Vitamin B12 or folic acid supplements
4) Rx medication called Debacterol
5) Painkillers such as Acetaminophen or ibuprofen
And my preference with the most immediate painless result is the LASER.
Within a few minutes or less your discomfort will be greatly reduced, Canker sore size diminished, swelling decreased and healing enhanced.
The Laser at a particular wavelength and power setting:
1) Increases lymphatic fluid flow (decreases swelling)
2) Increases collagen production through increased fibroblasts (enhances healing)
3) Causes a release of endorphins and enkephalins (provides pain relief)
4) It eliminates bacteria, as a result enhancing healing
There are some underlying conditions that predispose one to Canker sores. It may be genetic, immune diseases such as Lupus, Crohn's, Celiac Disease, or HIV/AIDS.
The key is to go see your dentist at the first onset of a Canker sore. Herpetic Cold Sores can also be treated by laser therapy.
Dr. Vineet Bhandari has been providing top quality dental care in a friendly, caring environment with his team of dental professionals. He uses up-to-date painless laser dentistry for cosmetic and preventive dental treatments and helps his patients to achieve optimum dental health.  Dr. Vineet Bhandari has recently joined the Tips Canada Medical and GEMS-ERT: Global Emergency Medical Response - Emergency Response Team as our new Chief Dental Technician and will be called when needed for environmental and human disasters that require immediate dental assistance.
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